The economy of Devon is unique and diverse. Shaped by the people that live here, its landscape, historic and cultural heritage, Devon’s economy has developed over the centuries to become, in many places, vibrant, innovative and dynamic. Devon is the third largest county in England and one of the most sparsely populated, despite this its resident population is growing at over twice the national average.

There are a number of features which make Devon stand out:
• The County has been voted as number one for quality of life in England by Country Life magazine every time the survey has been undertaken
• Devon is characterised by many small businesses - over a quarter of all business are not registered to pay VAT or employ staff
• The County has four times more Agricultural activity than the national average – Devon is home to many innovative and well known food producers
• Our position in the South West peninsula has encouraged the growth of major transport links on the eastern side of the county and this part of the county is the location of some internationally renowned businesses
• Average wages in the County are lower than the UK average. There are large differences in earnings between the best and worst off areas in Devon
• Well over a third of employees work on a part-time basis.
• Devon attracts nearly six million visitors per year and there are twice as many tourism business in Devon than the national average