Devon is full of genuine, community-minded people who are immensely proud of their county and what it gives them. The people fuel a culture of resourcefulness and enterprise – new ideas are welcomed and stem from the philosophy that in Devon anything is possible. In 2008 the population of Devon was just under 754,000 - but that population is ageing, people are working longer, and the proportion of young people is in decline.

The age structure of Devon is quite different to that of the UK. There is a lower proportion of people in the younger (particularly young working age) age groups and a far higher proportion of people aged 50 or older . The average age of someone living in Devon is 43.0 years compared to 39.3 years for the UK as a whole.

There are 160,400 people aged 65 or over living in Devon. This equates to 21.3% of the total population which is 31.5% above the national average where only 16.2% of the population are aged 65 or older. There are 70,500 men and 90,100 women in this age band. For those aged 85 or older the difference is even greater with 3.2% of Devon’s total population falling in to this age group compared to 2.2% nationally – a difference of 45%.

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