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Area Profile - North Devon

North Devon is a coastal district located between Torridge to the west and West Somerset to
the east. The district is largely rural and the north eastern part of the district is within the
Exmoor National Park. Much of the district’s coastline is designated as an Area of
Outstanding Natural Beauty. North Devon has a resident population of 91,500 people, of
whom just over 34,200 are in employment and 55,000 are of working age. Within North
Devon, there are around 4,000 businesses which generate, in aggregate, 39,500 employee
jobs. When considering a range of metrics, North Devon accounts for roughly 11-13% of
Devon’s economy.

Area Profile - Mid Devon

Mid Devon is an inland district located in the north east of Devon (and bordering Somerset).
The district is close to two National Parks (Dartmoor and Exmoor) and the urban economies
of Exeter and Taunton are nearby. The district has a resident population of around 76,000
people, of whom 46,000 are of working age and 29,000 are employed. Within Mid Devon
there are around 3,400 businesses which generate, in aggregate, about 23,000 employee jobs.
When considering a range of metrics, Mid Devon accounts for roughly 10% of Devon’s

Area Profile - Exeter

The local authority district of Exeter is located in south east Devon. Ten miles inland from
the south coast at the head of the Exe estuary, the city is located between Teignbridge to the
west and East Devon to the east. Spatially, the administrative area is the smallest in Devon,
although measured by resident population it is the third largest with around 118,800. In terms
of employee jobs, it is the largest district in Devon with 92,300 people working in over 4,000
businesses and accounting for 30% of all employee jobs in the county.

Area Profile - East Devon

Located on the boundary with South Somerset and West Dorset, East Devon is bordered by
the districts of Exeter City and Teignbridge (following the natural geography of the Exe
estuary) to the west, and Mid Devon to the north. Its southern boundary is the Jurassic
Coastline and English Channel. This world heritage site and Area of outstanding Natural
Beauty (AONB) is as much part of the district’s economic character as its close linkages with
Exeter City.

Devonomics Consultation

Devon County Council has a long standing tradition of working collaboratively and building effective and strong partnerships with businesses, communities and other public agencies. In April 2010 a new duty of delivering an economic assessment fell to the County Council. In delivering this duty we want to continue our tradition of collaborative working. We have already had discussions with our district authority colleagues and key partnerships. We now wish to widen our engagement and seek your views on the evidence we have gathered.

The Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats of moving to a Low Carbon Economy in Devon


This section has been extracted from the main 'Low Carbon Economy in the context of the Devon Economy' report.  It discusses Devon's strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats associated with a move towards a Low Carbon Economy (LCE).

The Low Carbon Economy in the context of the Devon Economy

As part of Devon County Council’s Local Economic Assessment, a comprehensive study was undertaken to analyse the challenges and opportunities presented to the Devon economy by a move towards a Low Carbon Economy (LCE). This report identifies where greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions occur within Devon and its economy, and how this may change over time and as a result of policy measures.

The Devon Economy 1998 - 2008

This report sets out the current structure of the Devon County economy in light of the latest Office for National Statistics (ONS) data for the year 2008 and provides recent historical trends in output across the County and longer-term structural changes. Much of the analysis is based on a bespoke econometric model for Devon that allows a finer grained analysis of patterns within Devon than would be available from ONS.

The Impact of Older People on the Economy in Devon

Age Concern Devon received a grant from Devon County Council to conduct a survey targeted at local pensioners and retirees in order to assess the impact that the recession has had on their income and quality of life. In addition to this, the research also examined the effect of any changes in discretionary spending by pensioners and retirees on the local economy.